lunes, 22 de junio de 2020

Volvemos a la normalidad/ End of the lockdown

Ya volvemos a esta extraña normalidad en España,  con algo de temor y preocupación y mucha ilusión por hacer cosas.. Aún así no podemos bajar la guardia... Disfrutad del verano y cuidaros mucho...
Feliz verano
Happy Summer, Be safe.. :-)))

Zarcero políglota/ Melodious Warbler

Gorrión común/ House Sparrow

Lagarto ocelado/ Ocellated Lizard

Tarabilla europea/ Juvenile of Stonechat

Ocellated lizard

European Stonechat male

Curruca carrasqueña macho/ Subalpine Warbler

Tarabilla europea/ European Stonechat

Subalpine Warbler/ Curruca carrasqueña

Mochuelo europeo/ Little owl

Cogujada montesina juvenil/ Thekla lark

26 comentarios:

  1. Hello Ana,
    What a wonderful shots you have made again. So great how you have caught these beautiful birds. And so nice too that lizard. This is real enjoyment. Well done Ana!!

    Greetings, Marco

  2. I have no doubt that you are thrilled to have your freedom back, Ana. I hope that everyone in Spain uses it wisely and you do not have a return of the pandemic. Un abrazo querida amiga.

  3. Hello Ana,
    Beautiful birds, I love the Little Owl and the cute lizards. Enjoy your day, have a great new week ahead!

  4. Hola Ana,
    Hermosa serie de fotos de las diferentes aves.
    Todo fotografiado perfectamente, mis cumplidos.
    Un fuerte abrazo

  5. It has been three weeks since we last saw you Ana. Good to see you back to share your excellent images, including the two little Stonechat gems.

    Kind Regards


    Be Alert Stay Safe

  6. Hello. :) Nice to see your photos. :) Every single photo is really gorgeous. :)
    Sending you warm greetings, stay safe. :)))

  7. Hola Ana,magnificas y bellas fotos de esta variedad de especies,un lujo para la vista.Un fuerte abrazo y feliz semana.

  8. En este caso me quedo con el Lagarto ocelado. ¡ Hace tanto que no veo uno !. De niño, recuerdo que los veía , en este tiempo, casi a diario. Esperemos que estemos mucho tiempo en la n"normalidad".

  9. Magnifico reportaje fotografico, una coleccion de pajaritos muy hermosos, saludos y feliz semana.

  10. Prachtige fotoserie, heel mooi en scherp.
    Groet Kees.

  11. Como siempre un gusto ver tu blog con fotos muy bien hechas, de pájaros bonito y esa lagartija de color tan intenso. Felicitaciones

  12. You've shared lovely photographs here Ana, thank you.

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  13. Nice to know you are active with the wildlife Ana. Things where I live are very quiet although I saw my first swifts of the year today. Stay safe. Mike.

  14. Hi Ana, your photos are so beautiful and so very sharp. Beautiful birds. Greetings Caroline

  15. Dear Ana!
    Beautiful birds and wonderful photos.
    Ana, is happy to look at every photo.

  16. Hi Ana,
    So pleased u have your freedom back and get out and about again, we in the UK have been told we can go on holiday in Spain in two weeks time and we are nothing like clear of Covid so beware holiday makers from the UK!!!
    Super varied images , especially the Ocellated Lizard, such a beauty,
    You stay safe and well
    best wishes

  17. hello Ana
    here in Germany the rules are loosened further, but there have been a lot of new infected people in the last few days ... stay careful and healthy
    beautiful pictures
    Regards Frank

  18. Hi Ana,
    As long as you are careful it is pleasant to leave the lockdown behind. Moving around in the nature brings you great encounters, as you show us here.
    Greetings, Kees

  19. Hi Ana,
    Wonderful set of varied images, I'm always delighted to see a Little Owl, ome excellent Warbler images.
    You stay safe,

  20. Wow, qué hermosa es la foto del búho europeo ... Realmente me gustan los búhos. Son adorables. Hermosa foto de tu foto.
    Saludos desde Indonesia.

  21. Charming set of pictures Ana, I don't know how I missed them. Stay safe. Mike.

  22. Hi Ana,
    Wonderful varied and diverse set of images, super to see a Little Ow;. ours all seem to have vanished.
    You stay safe and well

  23. El reportaje es una preciosidad.
    Y confiando en que no tengamos que dar un paso atrás, te deseo una felices vacaciones.
    Un abrazo, Ana.

  24. Hello Ana I am happy for you that Spain is coming to a new normal and that you can get out to enjoy the little birds singing! Have a great day.
    Wren x

  25. Hoi, Ana!!! Stunning pictures!!! Great quality! Take care and enjoy the summer!
    Un fuerte abrazo